Jeff Kile

401(k) Investment Due Diligence

Interstate: SIP Fuzzer

Paramount Pictures Transaction Approval Process

While employed by (Streamline Solutions) and working for Paramount Pictures, I built a transaction approval and inventory management system which tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Streamline Solutions went above and beyond the basic needs of our project!” - Case Study.

  • Global approval system for purchases and return orders
  • Secure and reliable auditing through automated email processing
  • Tight integration with Microsoft CRM through Microsoft Outlook and a custom web application.
  • API integration with back end SAP system
  • Multi-threaded architecture provided 10x improvement over old system
  • Worked directly with the client and led a team of 3 developers

Music Artificial Intelligence

Let's Eat


N-Body collision simulation written in Python using a priority queue to schedule collisions.

  • Event Driven Simulation
  • Events are stored on a Priority Queue prioritized by time
  • Collision prediction is done during setup for all particles
  • After each event, collision prediction is done for particles involved
  • An event loop increases time, draws the screen and calculate highest priority events

Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps

A music visualization program written using Processing for an online Coursera class.

Music composed by myself, vocals by Skippy Mac

Technology used:

  • Java
  • Processing
  • Javascript

C++ Art